Start And Up - English

Entrepreneurship isn’t a game, that’s for sure. Still, lots of gamers will agree that video games often require the same skills you need for building and managing a company. Start And Up – a game that teaches you the basic principles of entrepreneurship – finally offers the ideal mash-up between gaming and building a business. Start And Up familiarizes you with the basic principles of entrepreneurship.


The game kicks off with you starting your own start-up business. You learn to craft a first product, hire the right staff and start selling from a small store.

As soon as production starts to pick up, you have to look for sales partners that will export your product in exchange for a percentage of your gains.

Meanwhile: what about the production costs? Maybe a small investment will optimise your chain of production.

Oh, and if we hire a couple of researchers, they might find a way to make some more profits of our product.

All right, now that we’ve got this business on the rails, it’s time to think about marketing. What product should you invest in marketingwise to keep the demand high?

You name it, Start And Up has got it. Maybe the most important part of it all: thoughout the game you have to manage your budget as you see fit, and make sure that you won’t go bankrupt.

So you want to be an entrepreneur? Hone your skills with this fun little game. The best part, you ask? It’s free, and playable in a browser near you now! Off you go, get playing!